July 29, 2011

Make Love, Not Horcruxes

Hello, my name is Trina and I am a closet Harry Potter geek.

Phew, I'm glad I got that off my chest. Now I can show off the t-shirts I made for my sister (also a Harry Potter geek) to wear to watch the final...*tear*...Harry Potter movie.

That's me on the right. That's my taller and skinner baby sister, Erica, on the left. Oh, and notice the necklace she's wearing? It's a legit "time turner" necklace. Me = Jealous.

I know these t-shirts are nothing fancy, but we thought the phrase was awesome. I made them with plain old black t-shirts from Wal-Mart and these...

They're really easy to use, but I thought I'd give a few tips that make them even easier after the jump.
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July 21, 2011

Beach Towel Cover-Up

This is officially my first blog post! I hope you're excited as I am to share in all of the crafts I delve into, even when my to-do list is forever growing. I must live up to the name and...Craft Anyway!
My first project I'm sharing is the Beach Towel Cover-Up that I made for my daughter, Kaeleigh.

She started taking swimming lessons this summer, and one of the other little girls in her class came sporting something similar one day. I asked the little girl's father where they bought it, but he had no idea. It didn't take long for me to say, "Hey, I can make that! No problem!"

Well, I was right about being able to make it, but not about the "no problem" part. My first attempt was an epic fail. When I measured and cut, I didn't add enough overlap to account for the fact that she still has a "toddler belly." So although it was super adorable...

...it just doesn't fit right. :o(

BUT, I didn't give up. I started again.

This was actually the first time I had ever "designed" my own piece, so it went well, considering. There were a few other things that I had to change the second time around, such as the type of closure I used (I originally used a snap, but changed it to a combination of Velcro and hook-and-eye) and the placement of the straps. And the second time...

It worked out beautifully!

This project is linked up at:


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