November 4, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!

 So you may have already seen my daughter's Rapunzel Halloween costume in this picture over at this post.

Or in this picture from this post.

But I hadn't said much about it. Yes, I made it. And it took much more time, money, and effort than I thought it was going to take. But she loved it, so I guess that's all that counts in the end.


I used the Simplicity 2065 pattern to make both the gown and the hair piece. This project came with many "firsts" for me:  my first time sewing with satin, my first time sewing with shears, my first experience with eyelets, and my first ever zipper installation. For so many firsts, it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. :o)

There's a nice view of my first ever zipper. Not bad, eh?

Here are the super cool and ginormous flowers I made to dress up her hair piece. To make the satin and organza layered flowers I used fabric left over from the gown and Sew4Home's tutorial.

Please disregard the black burn mark on the pink flower. I said to ignore it. Ah, common. Okay, okay...DON'T put your fabric too close to the candle flame for too long. Lesson learned.
She looked cute and she loved her costume. At the end of the day, toddler and momma are happy.

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  1. I love it!! I made a Rapunzel Dress for my niece using the same pattern- check it out if you want to! She looks very very pleased with it. I had the same thought- it took way more time, money and effort than I planned :)



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