July 29, 2011

Make Love, Not Horcruxes

Hello, my name is Trina and I am a closet Harry Potter geek.

Phew, I'm glad I got that off my chest. Now I can show off the t-shirts I made for my sister (also a Harry Potter geek) to wear to watch the final...*tear*...Harry Potter movie.

That's me on the right. That's my taller and skinner baby sister, Erica, on the left. Oh, and notice the necklace she's wearing? It's a legit "time turner" necklace. Me = Jealous.

I know these t-shirts are nothing fancy, but we thought the phrase was awesome. I made them with plain old black t-shirts from Wal-Mart and these...

They're really easy to use, but I thought I'd give a few tips that make them even easier after the jump.

Tips for Using Iron-On Letters
1. Pre-wash your shirt (or whatever else you want to put them on). If you don't do this, it WILL shrink when you wash it and the letters will cause it to pucker and look all silly.

2. Make a note of how many of each letter you will need before you buy them. We needed two packages for two shirts, because X's are not used very often, apparently.

3. Lay out your letters before starting to get a feel of how much space they'll take up.

I had originally intended for the "Not Horcruxes" part to be all on one line, but when I laid it out, it obviously wouldn't fit.

4. Use a strip of masking tape to make sure your letters are straight and evenly spaced.

But make sure you carefully peel up the tape before ironing the letters down.

6. Use a "pressing cloth" when ironing the letters on. I don't have a cloth specifically for this job, but a thin kitchen towel worked just fine for me.

This prevents the glue on the letters and the letters themselves from sticking to your iron.

7. Work in sections. Don't get too far ahead of yourself!

And enjoy the finished product! 

We are definitely geeks...


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