February 24, 2012

Appliqued Gifts

So don't judge, but the projects I'm about to share with you were Christmas gifts.

I know. It's February.

But in my defense, one of the receipiants just got his gift this past weekend, so I didn't want to spoil the gift by posting about it before he got it.

Okay, that makes it sounds worse. Maybe I should 'splain. He didn't get his gift because this little bundle of joy just joined the world on February 5th.

See? I couldn't put this one out there before he even got his gift, right? Right?!

But I digress. Onto the projects at hand. The first--appliqued stuffed blocks.

Daniel and Isaac, both sons of very good friends of our family, received the same gifts. They're babies and they're boys--a combination that makes gift making difficult.

But I came across this tutorial over at Sew Like My Mom and thought it was a great gift idea for the babies. Super cute and soft.

And for each of these little cuties to wear...

You can never go wrong with an appliqued onsie when it comes to babies, but an appliqued vest and tie? To. Die. For.

I came across this idea at Lemon Tree Creations. I used some fabric scraps I had on hand for the tie and black corduroy for the vest.

I'd like to be able to report that the boys simply adored their gifts, but, well, they're babies. But their parents loved them. :o)

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  1. awww! He's such a cutie! I love that little onesie with the tie and vest!

  2. I love the onesie. So cute! I'm hosting a bloglovin' blog hop over at www.thenymelrosefamily.blogspot.com/2012/02/bloglovin-blog-hop.html. I'd love it if you added bloglovin to your blog and joined in the hop. Bloglovin is similar to GFC and much better than LF. The instructions are posted with the hop so stop on over when you get a chance.

  3. Such cute projects!!! I love the blocks! And the vest is adorable!

  4. Stopping by from Wednesday Wowzers at Oopsey Daisy! First of all, congratulations! He is adorable! Secondly, I love the appliqued blocks! What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

    I'd love you to stop by my blog and check it out! Follow along if you like!


    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  5. I absolutely ADORE this outfit--it's so adorable! And I love the idea of appliqueing blocks. How sweet. All of it will create a very sweet photo shoot too! :) Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  6. What a cool little outfit!!! The vest and tie look so cute on the onesie. Love the appliqu├ęd fabric blocks. Your fabric choices are perfect!!!



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