January 20, 2012

A few shout outs...

Unfortunately, I am not Super Woman. I know, you are all so disappointed to receive such awful news, but I had to give it to you some time.

Due to this horrific reality, I was unable to make gifts for all of the people on our Christmas list this year. Fortunately, I was still able to buy homemade for a few. For those that I couldn't, I was able to find appropriate, yet unique gifts via Pinterest (oh, what a wonderful online tool).

My father is not a professional photographer, but he loves learning about and practicing with his Nikon DSLR (the same one he so graciously allows me to use for all of my "photography"). That's why I knew he'd love this.

 No, this is not a real Nikon lens. Why? Well, because we do not have a money tree growing in our backyard. (But that would be pretty awesome, wouldn't it?) It's actually a travel coffee mug!

I got this from the PhotoJoJo Store. You should really check out their stuff. They've got plenty of pretty cool photography accessories, for you and your camera. If you love photography, or know someone who does, you'll definitely love this shop.

My father-in-law is always difficult to buy for. He loves baseball, so this year I went that route when I started my idea search. Surprisingly, I came across a pretty cool idea early in the shopping season.

 A "home plate" welcome mat. I thought it was awesome. If I was into baseball (I find the sport incredibly boring), I wouldn't mind having this at my front door. I bought it from UncommonGoods, another place to find unique gifts for some of those "hard-to-buy-for" friends and relatives.

Jewelry is always a good option for mothers and mother-in-laws.

I ordered each of them one of these aluminum cuff bracelets with the words "love my grandkids" stamped on the inside and little boys and girls stamped on the outside to represent each of their grandchildren.

They were handcrafted by Hope of My Heart Designs, but I actually got a great deal on them through a fantastic site called Groop Dealz. They sell handmade items at great, reduced prices for a limited time. If you're looking to buy handmade, you should most definitely put yourself on their mailing list!

The last handmade gift that we purchased was for my nephew, Oliver, who you may remember from my post about his robot themed birthday party. In sticking with the robots we got him this cutie.

Isn't he the cutest little thing? He was handmade by LittleBrownByrd Creations, who makes these oober adorable robots in different sizes, versions, and themes, each with a little heart on its chest.

Even though I couldn't make all the gifts we gave this year, I enjoyed buying a few, especially those that were handmade.

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