January 18, 2012

Sorry for the Radio Silence...

What a year it's been so far. I know, I know. We're less than three weeks into the year. Yet, it feel likes it's been an eternity.

First, my baby boy got extremely sick just after Christmas. My spunky, energetic Ayden was suddenly a grumpy, cuddly toddler and I'm not gonna lie--it scared me. Within a week we made a trip to the emergency room and 3 trips to the doctor's office. We never actually found out why he was so sick (the doctor assumes it was a virus of some kind), but when he finally woke up one morning with his usual perky smile on his face I was relieved.

So even though my baby was back to being himself, our house was not. I swear, it looked as if a toy store had vomited all over our living room. Dishes had been piled up for days. Laundry hadn't been done in probably two weeks. Man, oh, man, was I overwhelmed.

Lucky for me, I got caught up on the house work just in time for this:

One full day of ice, followed by one full day of snow. We got two snow days in a row, right before a three day weekend.

The first day was great. I sewed all day (I was testing a pattern for Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop...more on that in another post) and when they announced the second day off I was super excited to be able to finish up before the weekend.

{The branches on this tree are normally too high for us to reach when standing underneath.}

But...did you know that sewing machines don't work when you loose power? Yeah. Neither does the television, the internet, the stove, the microwave, the coffeepot, or the HEAT. It got boring and COLD pretty darn fast.

We packed up and ate dinner at my parents', who still had power, and planned to camp out at the in-laws, who didn't have power, but do have a propane fireplace. Fortunately for those of us who prefer sleeping in our own beds, the power came back on at 7pm.

But why stop there? A sick child and a huge ice/snow storm just didn't seem exciting enough for the first few weeks of the year.

Let's add in a little surgery too. That's right. I had my gallbladder out on Monday, so I've had my butt pretty much parked right here for the last three days.

I'm doing alright, but I'm pretty sore. My wonderful hubby has been a huge help. He had Monday off for the holiday and then took yesterday off to be with me. He's been keeping my "supplies" fully stocked for me.

My mother has also been great by taking care of the kids so that I can have some peace and quiet to relax and heal. I do miss them and being able to cuddle them, but I'm not allowed to pick them up. And Ayden's still too little to understand that his momma hurts, so it's best that they have their fun at Grammie and Poppy's and I rest on my own.

My grandmother did surprise me with a super sweet (literally) gift yesterday.

She made this cute chocolate box for me. And then filled it with chocolate strawberries.

It was much fuller, but I may or may not have already eaten most of them.

So, while I'm on the road to recovery there won't be much crafting going on around here, but I promise to get the posts going again soon. :o)
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